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Stoner Rock Band

(Beef Supreme's) 'Royal Bitch' is a sexy, dirty, high-octane groove assault; witty, badass humour infuses its riffs and lyrics, which are performed with savagely effective feel...There’s a lot to like about this EP...

Strong on all frills, no bullshit hard rock with spit as well as shine. Keep an eye out for these guys, cos they won't be slumming in the underground much longer . . .

This ain’t no kiddie music either, it’s for the aficionado of the dark and varied rooms of Rock and Roll and more specifically metal. Beef Supreme is badass!!!...

Groove-ridden stoner of the most infectious kind. Bouncy riffs that conjure up AC/DC doing Monster Magnet songs...leave(s) you wanting more...

Stoner rock band Beef Supreme hails from the southwest United States. Drawing from influences such as Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Truckfighters, The Sword, Queens of the Stone Age and Fireball Ministry, Beef Supreme fuses retro-metal with desert rock. Combining sludgy guitar riffs and heavy drums with melodic vocals and smart songwriting sensibilities, Beef Supreme has crafted a sound that is unique among metal bands today.

Beef Supreme released their debut EP, "Beef Supreme" in August of 2012 to both critical and popular acclaim. The band offered the album as a free download, relying solely on internet buzz for promotion. The gamble paid off, and "Beef Supreme" was featured on numerous music blogs and websites from all over the world.

The band's second EP, 'Royal Bitch', was released on June 4th, 2013.

latest news

Beef Supreme in Ballard – w/The Wild Lips, Man With Gun

April 23rd, 2016

We’ve got a show on Weds, May 4th with The Wild Lips and Man With Gun at The Sunset Tavern in Ballard(Seattle). This show is 21 and over, $8. This is an EP release party for … Read More…

Beef Supreme w/ Tracii Guns!

April 14th, 2016

Hey everyone, we’re gonna be playing with Tracii Guns on Thursday, May 12th at Studio Seven in Seattle. Stoffel and Obol, both from Seattle, will also be playing. If you haven’t heard these guys before, do … Read More…